Industrial Production
We brought the process of personal production into the industrial field with our high-tech investments and process management skills.

Sending Measurements

Send us the dimensions of the materials needed for your project,
we will measure and band it!

Fill the measurement form online

Fill the dimensions form by hand.

Send a Drawing

Send your CAD/CAM files, or simple drafts of yours drawn by hand, and we prepare!

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  • Machinery

    Stocking System


    Due to the smart stocking system, materials go to production untouched with vacuum system.

    • The end to the material damage which may occur while manual carrying.
    • Clean production...
    • Quick delivery...
  • 5 Axis CNC Machine

    • 5020 mm working field of X
    • 1680 mm working field of Y
    • 5 axis surface machining
    • Inclined cut at 45°
    • Curvilinear cut
    • Minifix and drilling operations
  • Sizing Machine

    • High cutting quality
    • Automatic feeding
    • 80 mm cutting height
    • Proffessional optimization
  • Edge Banding Machine

    • Seperate DIA knife usage at 1 mm and 2 mm PVC Radius.
    • Feed rate of 25 m/min
    • Edge banding between 8 mm and 65 mm.
    • Grooving unit
    • Curved edge banding

Panel Plate

All purpose, wide product range.

We are working with the most important panel plate and accessories brands in Turkey
and all around the world. We meet your needs with our wide range of products
in stores and quickly supply the materials which are not present in our stores with your order.

Detailed Product List

BAŞKENT was established in 1995,

it has been the supply point of forest products used in furniture and decoration.

It closely follows the trends related to the products and searches for the right material to supply the needs of the customer.

It has been the distributor of the leading factories in the industry.

Follows up the technology.

Due to the investment in machinery in 2013, it brought personalized production into the industrial field in furniture sector.

With its machinery and production technology, it broke a new ground in its production field in Turkey.

It has the aim to be your solution partner for your projects with its high production capacity and innovative production model which can meet the short delivery time expectations.

It aims to maintain its goal of high quality service with your support.

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